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You’ve worked hard your entire life to accumulate wealth, properly invest, and protect your assets. While we don’t like to think about what’s coming down the road, it’s important that we prepare for the future with our loved ones in mind. As a provider, that means developing trusts and estates to ensure your family is cared for long after you’re gone.

Practice Areas

Trusts and estates are one of the most important areas of our law practice in Orange County. While certain issues are temporary, trusts and estates have long-lasting impact on everyone involved. That’s why we take these cases seriously and serve our clients in whatever way we can. Some of our major practice areas include:

Wills and Trusts. Drafting wills and trusts is very important. Your estate needs to fall in the right hands upon your passing, and it’s best to clearly outline how the dispersion of assets will be arranged. Having an accurate will on file is important from a young age. As soon as you have a family and people who depend on you, it is fiscally wise to draft a will. The most effective way to do this is with the services of an experienced attorney at Boyd Law. We can take you through the process step by step and answer any questions you have along the way.

Probate. While the probate of an estate often signifies an emotionally trying time for a family, it is an important process. It is sometimes necessary to prove the validity of a will, identify inventory and assets, appraise property, pay debts and taxes, and distribute assets according to the wishes of the deceased. If you need an experienced attorney to help you through this trying time, don’t hesitate to contact Boyd Law.

Probate Litigation. While the majority of wills are handled with little effort, some situations arise with the need to send the will to court for further determination. In these circumstances, it is up to the court to determine whether the will is valid or if people who were left off should be included. Typically, these issues stem from undue influence, incapacity, breach of fiduciary duty, or duress. At Boyd Law, we have extensive experience with probate litigation and can help you through this challenging process.

Trust Litigation. Trusts are important documents that usually make it easier to manage property and divide assets. However, in some cases, things can go wrong and it is necessary to bring trust litigation to court. This is often a result of misconduct by a trustee, including inaction, theft of trust assets, failure to account for trust assets, failure to diversify, failure to make trust productive, or failure to properly distribute assets. If any of these are true, the trustor has the ability to bring action against the trustee. At Boyd law, we can help you navigate these and other stressful issues.

Estate Planning. Once you reach adulthood, estate planning is something to consider. Because circumstances change and accidents happen, it’s best to be prepared. When planning your estate, you will want to consider things like who receives your property when you pass away, who can make decisions regarding your health, who is in charge of your financial affairs when you are incapacitated, and more. Our attorneys at Boyd Law can help you answer these questions and prepare for the future.

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At Boyd Law, we are proud to serve the people of Orange County. While death may seem far away, it’s never too early to consider your trust and estate. For more information on protecting your closest assets, please contact us at 949.753.1028.

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