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Nobody walks down the aisle planning on divorce. Yet if you find yourself wanting to file now, you’re certainly not alone. The choice to dissolve a marriage is often the best one you can make for yourself, your spouse, your family, and your future. Boyd Law is here to help couples in Irvine tackle the “D” word and all that it entails. Whether you can dissolve your marriage successfully through divorce mediation or require a full-blown trial, our Irvine divorce attorneys have the legal experience and your best interests in mind.

Why Choose Our Irvine Divorce Lawyers?

  • We understand California’s divorce laws and how to navigate them in Orange County. We tailor our efforts according to individuals’ needs.
  • We always work toward our clients’ best interests. We will only take your case to court if it is necessary for fair results.
  • We can walk you through the different types of divorce cases in California. No matter what your specific circumstances, we can resolve your case efficiently.
  • We have skilled and experienced attorneys that value personal relationships. Your attorney will treat you and your family with compassion.

Fast Facts About Divorce in Irvine

Irvine, California formally became a city in 1971, three days after Christmas. The City of Irvine is one of the country’s largest planned urban communities, covering more than 65 miles. As of the last census, there were 258,386 people living in Irvine. There are 78,978 households, with 40,930 (51.8%) opposite-sex married couples and 463 (0.6%) same-sex married couples. Each year, a percentage of these couples file for divorce in Orange County.

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that the average national divorce rate is 3.2 per 1,000 population. California is one of five states that do not report information on divorce rates to the CDC. If you wish to file for divorce in Orange County, you will need to bring the correct paperwork to the local family courthouse. The Irvine family law attorneys at Boyd Law can help you fill out these documents correctly the first time, to prevent unnecessary processing delays and costs.

About Filing for Divorce in Irvine

If you’re a resident of Irvine or Orange County, and know that going through a divorce is the right thing for you and your spouse, the Irvine divorce lawyers at Boyd Law can make the process much easier on your family. Working with a Southern California high quality law firm during a divorce can help you protect your individual rights, and your rights as one part of a relationship. Retaining a skilled a family law specialists attorney doesn’t mean your divorce will take longer or result in conflict. It simply means that you have someone in your corner during a difficult and often complex legal process.

You must qualify as a California resident to file for divorce within the state. This means that you or your spouse must have lived in California for at least the last six months and at least three months in the county where you want to file. If you and your spouse are living separately in two different counties, you can file in either county. Boyd Law will work with you in the county in which you want to file. If you don’t qualify as a California resident, you can file for legal separation until you do meet the requirements.

What Are Common Types of Divorce Cases?

The three ways to end your marriage in California are divorce, legal separation and annulment. Within these categories are additional types of cases, such as contested vs. uncontested divorces. Every case is unique and deserves individual attention from an attorney. Hiring a lawyer to take care of your divorce could help you understand the rules and requirements that go along with your specific type of case.

  • A contested divorce is one in which both spouses do not mutually agree on the terms of the split. One spouse wishes to contest the other’s terms, such as the rules of property division or child custody. A contested divorce can turn messy, requiring a drawn-out court process to resolve. It is typically best if the couple can avoid a contested divorce by working through their issues with help from a lawyer or mediator.
  • An uncontested divorce typically does not have to proceed to trial. It means both spouses are on the same page when it comes to the terms of the split, with no need for a judge’s intervention. An uncontested divorce can typically end during pre-trial negotiations. Both spouses will agree on the terms, sign off on the divorce and receive a decree from the judge confirming the dissolution.
  • An annulment reverses the marriage as if it never happened. You are not divorced after an annulment; it will be as if you were never married. You may only qualify for annulment if something invalidates the marriage or domestic partnership, such as incest, bigamy, one spouse under the age of 18, fraud, force, physical or mental incapacitation, or one spouse was already married.
  • Dissolution of domestic partnerships. The dissolution of a domestic partnership may look the same as a typical divorce unless the couple qualifies for summary dissolution. Summary dissolution is a faster and easier method to validate a split. It does not involve the couple having to go to court or hire lawyers. Instead, they must fill out paperwork and submit it to the Secretary of State.
  • Legal separations. A legal separation is not a divorce, but the couple will no longer live together. One spouse may qualify for spousal maintenance, child custody and/or child support after legal separation, but the couple will lawfully still be married. This might be the right solution if the couple may reconcile in the future, or if they wish to retain some of the benefits of marriage (such as insurance coverage).

You may need a lawyer’s help determining which type of split is right for you and your spouse or domestic partner. Your circumstances and goals can decide the right route for you. Once you know which route to take, your lawyer can assist you with the paperwork and red tape that will go along with your choice. If your divorce case involves complex factors such as children, spousal maintenance, high-value assets, a business partnership or contested terms, hire an attorney for assistance. A lawyer can work through these issues on your behalf. No matter which type of divorce you need, a lawyer can help you sort through complicated matters while you look toward the future.

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As your divorce lawyers in Irvine, Boyd Law can provide legal advice and can help you and your spouse agree on important family law issues such as child custody, child support agreements, spousal support, housing, marital property division, and other family law matters. We have decades of experience practicing divorce and family law in Orange County, Southern California, and know how best to direct your specific case. We are professional, aggressive, and thorough in our divorce litigation methods. Our Irvine family law specialists will listen carefully to your unique goals for your divorce, and help you achieve them through the proper legal processes. To start your Orange County divorce case with a free consultation in Irvine, give us a call. The divorce attorneys at our law offices are here to help you through this difficult process. For a free consultation from legal representation with a proven track record, call us at 949.753.1028 or contact us via our free online form.