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Divorce is an emotional enough time in your life without the addition of children.  When children are involved in divorce, both parties must spend time going through agreements regarding the best interests of the children.  It is especially important to work out which parent will get primary custody of minors and create a child visitation schedule for the other parent.  If you are going through a divorce with children, you may need to contact our Orange County child custody attorneys.  Our family law firm offers child custody attorneys to provide legal advice and consultation with your legal case.

Child Custody Agreements

Divorce cases are typically either resolved through a mutual agreement by both spouses or through judicial intervention if the case cannot be mediated.  When children are involved, the outcome is no different, although the proceedings may take longer to resolve given the number of factors which must be agreed to. Child custody cases often lead to joint custody arrangements, which family courts look favorably one.  It is very rare when one parent is granted sole custody, and typically occurs if the other parent has committed egregious crimes or has committed domestic violence.

Parents often enjoy shared physical custody with their former spouse and enter into agreements to determine the length of time children spend with each parent. In joint custody arrangements, one parent becomes the primary custodian of the children of the marriage.  While both spouses may have joint custody, sole legal custody is a possibility in certain scenarios, although the courts try to formulate a joint custody agreement with the best interests of the children in the mind. Most children will typically live with the primary custodian and the other parent will only have custody on limited days and weekends.  Both parents will continue to have rights to their children, including the right to be informed of any health issues and make important decisions jointly.  Additionally, both parents can formulate parenting plans and decide where the child will attend school, whether they can attend certain functions, and both parents must be informed of important milestones and events in the child’s life.  This may become more difficult the older the child gets, but with an extensively detailed legal custody agreement and open communication between the parents, they will continue to be kept up-to-date on all occurrences. Technology is now a vital part of any custody arrangement and allows parents the opportunity to catch up with their children every day.  Facetime, Skype, and other forms of communication now allow parents to talk to their children and see them every day, even if not in person.  Even if you are the non-custodial parent, do not cut off conversations with your children simply because you do not see them, but make an effort to maintain a permanent fixture in their lives.

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If you are going through a divorce or legal separation which involves children, do not hesitate to contact the experienced child custody lawyers in Orange County at Boyd Law.  Our Orange County family law attorneys come from a wide variety of legal backgrounds and can help build your child custody case based on family law legal theories.  The family law specialists at our California law offices understand that your children are the most important part of the divorce agreement and will ensure that you will maintain the same relationship with your children even after the divorce with a well drafted child custody agreement.  Contact our Orange County office today for your initial free consultation.