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Executive Divorce Attorneys in Orange County

Executive divorces often involve a host of issues other spouses never encounter throughout the process, and must be handled by experienced Orange County executive divorce lawyer.  Divorce is always a difficult time, regardless of the circumstances, and any additional income and assets often add to the complications that can occur during the process.  If you are going through an executive divorce, do not hesitate to contact an experienced Orange County executive divorce attorney.

Executive Divorces

Executives are often the heads of major companies who have many assets tied up in different accounts and business entities.  This often provides a complication to the division of property and other assets which occurs in any divorce because the valuation can be difficult and intangible assets are often difficult to divide as it is.  Executive divorces should only be handled by attorneys who have experience in dealing with these type of high worth assets and property valuations. Executive divorces often require extensive planning by one or both spouses regarding the division of assets.  Executive divorces typically involve much more than just one primary resident and the contents which are divided in the outcome of the divorce.  Instead, an executive divorce often involves multiple residences, stocks, bonds, retirement accounts, and business interests.  These are not all simple assets to divide and therefore require the skilled expertise of an attorney who not only knows how to accurately value intangible assets, but knows how to best divide the assets to provide a fair and acceptable outcome to both parties.

While any Orange County executive divorce lawyer must keep their client’s interests at the forefront, it is also important to attempt to come to terms with the other side, which is easier when completed after a thorough understanding of all assets. Aside from the division and protection of assets, executive divorces also involve the issue of child custody, child support payments, and spousal support payments.  Each of these issues requires a separate agreement and ongoing compliance with through the years to come, which can be done with the help of an Orange County child support attorney.  Support and alimony payments are often based on the spouse who either earns more, or is the non-custodial parent. These payments must be fairly agreed upon so that your former spouse is not taking advantage of your executive position in demanding monthly sums that far surpass the amount they should be receiving.  Child custody agreements are based on a number of factors as well, and are not exclusive to executive divorces, but instead consider all aspects of the parent-child relationship.

Contact An Orange County Executive Divorce Attorney

If you are going through the difficult process of an executive divorce, you already understand the length of complexity this divorce can bring.  Our Orange County family lawyers at Boyd Law are here to come to your rescue.  Our attorneys have years of experience in handling high level and executive divorces.  Our legal team can help value all assets and ensure that you are receiving a fair deal throughout the divorce proceedings.  Contact our Orange County office today for your initial free consultation.