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Child Visitation Lawyers in Orange County

Two important issues in any divorce involving children include child custody arrangements and child visitation.  Divorce is difficult enough as it is without the involvement of children, but when children are involved, former spouses must continue to preserve a relationship and craft agreements dictating the terms of child custody arrangements.  Parents must work together to come up with a plan to not only remain civil in years to come, but to provide their children with the same lifestyle they would have had otherwise.  If you are in the process of divorce or simply determining child visitation arrangements, do not hesitate to contact an experienced Orange County child visitation lawyer.

Child Custody Agreements

Child visitation is carefully modeled after any child custody agreements which have been entered into by both parents, either on their own terms, or the terms of the court.  Many parents and former spouses prefer to enter into their own child custody and child visitation agreements on their own terms, through the assistance of trained mediators, but in some cases, a court will make the final determination of the child custody agreements.

Child custody disputes are often heated, as neither parent wants to give up access to their child.  However, one parent is typically appointed as the custodial parent, which simply means that the child will have this parent’s permanent address.  Even parents who share custody of their children will mark one parent as the primary custodian.  The other parent will have visitation rights.

In determining the child custody and visitation matters, courts often lean toward joint legal custody, which means that both parents will share custody and make important decisions concerning the child’s health, safety, education, and well-being.  Only in rare circumstances will parents not be awarded joint custody, including situations in which one parent is deemed unfit, the parents cannot make decisions together, or it is in the child’s best interests to have one parent as their sole legal custodian.  An experienced and successful Orange County divorce lawyer that handles all types of child visitation, custody, and child support cases can help you understand all the ins and outs of a child custody agreement at a more in-depth level.

Child Visitation

Once the parties or the court has determined which parent is the custodial parent, the court or parties will then turn to child visitation issues.  Typically, the non-custodial parent will have visitation rights which can vary based on the proximity of both parents’ houses, the child’s schedule, and other factors.  Most non-custodial parents agree to share custody by having visitation rights on the weekends or on one night during the week.  Visitation agreements will specifically outline which days each parent will have visitation rights, including holidays, summer, and any other school breaks.  Parents often choose to trade off every other year on holidays.

Child visitation agreements can be modified as the children’s schedules change and in other outside circumstances.  If one parent moves to a different state, children will often not be able to visit every weekend, but may instead stay for extended visits during holidays.

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If you are going through a child visitation dispute or are attempting to draft or modify an existing child custody agreement, contact the experienced Orange County child visitation attorneys of Boyd Law.  Our attorneys have years of experience in handling all types of complicated family and divorce law issues and understand that the most important aspect of any agreement is the amount of time you can spend with your children.  Contact our Orange County office today to set up your initial free consultation.