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Divorce is often made more complicated due to the division of marital property.  Many divorces occur long after the couple has acquired years of items and property.  Many items are easy to put a value on, such as real property.  However, other items, like an interest in a closely held corporation, can become messy and difficult to deal with upon a divorce and property settlement.  If you are going through a complex property division as part of a divorce, legal separation, or annulment, do not hesitate to contact an experienced complex property division attorney in Orange County.

Complex Property Divisions

The most important part of dividing up property acquired during the marital estate is the valuation.  An Orange County complex property division attorney can assist you in finding an expert who is able to properly categorize and value property.  In California, property is classified as either community property, quasi community property, or separate property.  The majority of property acquired during the marriage is considered community property, but limited situations exist where property can be characterized as separate property.  It is important to speak with a property division lawyer in Orange County regarding the characterization of marital property in order to properly begin dividing up the assets.

It is often simple, albeit frustrating, to divide up real property such as the family house.  It is easy to hire an appraiser who can tell you the exact value of the house.  In these cases, the spouse keeping the house will either pay the other spouse their share of the estate, or both spouses will collectively agree to sell the property and divide the profits between themselves.

However, intangible property such as stocks and bonds may be more difficult to divide.  Many spouses often have assets in small businesses which contain strict rules regarding the division of interests.  In these situations, a family law expert is an essential tool to assist you in correctly dividing the property while also protecting the assets.  You do not want to receive too little of an amount, especially if you assisted in growing the family business.  In some instances, even if your spouse held an interest in a business prior to the marriage, you may be entitled to a share of it if you put your career on hold to assist in the family business for no salary.  Most spouses will often agree to keep one highly prized asset and let the other spouse keep an equally important asset to help even out the division of property.

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If you are in the process of going through a complex property division as part of a divorce, contact the Orange County divorce attorneys of Boyd Law.  Our attorneys have experience in every aspect of divorce proceedings and understand how important it is that your divorce is as stress-free as possible and that you receive the property division you deserve.  Contact our Orange County office today for your initial free consultation and we can begin the process of going through your marital property.