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Asset Protection Strategy Attorney in Orange County

Divorce often involves the division of property which is a source of heated arguments during the divorce proceedings.  Marital assets involve tedious discussions regarding the value of the item and the manner in which the item will be divided between spouses, which can take months to sort out, especially in larger estates.  If you are going through a divorce and have questions regarding your asset protection and the division of property, do not hesitate to contact an experienced Orange County asset protection strategy lawyer. Our law offices provide well-versed asset protection attorneys that offer valuable legal advice to help navigate you through this legal process.

Asset Protection in California

California is a community property state, meaning that each spouse is entitled to keep title to all property they entered into prior to the marriage (known as separate property), but all property acquired during the marriage is considered community property.  There are limited exceptions to this rule, and therefore not all property acquired during the marriage will be considered jointly owned, but it is important to make a careful inventory of all property which may be at issue during a divorce.

The early stages of a divorce often involve heated arguments and an attempt to close proceedings as quickly as possible.  However, you should be using this initial stage in divorce to ensure you are aware of all assets which are at stake during the divorce.  Former spouses can attempt to become quite stealthy during a divorce and may attempt to hide and protect assets which would ordinarily be considered community property.  An Orange County asset protection strategy attorney can assist you in creating a financial report of all community assets which will often include real estate, bank accounts, stocks, business interests, and brokerage accounts.  An experienced Orange County divorce attorney can additionally freeze these accounts during divorce proceedings so that neither you nor your spouse may remove assets.  Once assets are moved, it can be extremely difficult to retrieve them and calculate an exact value.  For example, savvy business spouses often attempt to remove assets to offshore accounts that are difficult to trace and often difficult to lay a claim to.

It is therefore extremely important that you contact a asset protection strategies lawyer in Southern California as soon as possible to protect any assets you have an interest in.  You may begin to take a careful inventory of all assets prior to a divorce filing so that you are better prepared to protect any assets as soon as the divorce is filed.  The sooner you approach a certified family law specialist about any assets, the better your chances are to recover your share of the assets and protect them from “disappearing.”

Free Legal Consultation Orange County Asset Protection Strategy Attorneys

If you are in the process of dividing up the marital estate, contact the asset protection attorneys of Boyd Law.  Our legal team of attorneys have years of experience in developing asset protection strategies and protecting our clients’ financial interests.  A divorce involves so many emotional aspects – let our asset protection strategy attorneys in Orange County handle the nitty gritty underside of divorce while navigating your case through the legal system.  Contact our Orange County office today for your initial free consultation.