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Orange County Law Enforcement Divorce Lawyer

Divorce proceedings are usually stressful ordeals for people in any profession, but for law enforcement officers who already deal with a lot of stress in their job, this can be a particularly challenging time. Orange County law enforcement officers who may be considering a divorce or individuals thinking about pursuing a career in Orange County law enforcement should understand how a divorce proceeding will impact their future. An experienced Orange County law enforcement divorce lawyer can help you better understand California divorce laws and how they apply to you.

If you’re facing a divorce, you likely have thousands of questions – one of which may be how the divorce of a law enforcement officer differs from a traditional divorce. If you are considering this information due to an upcoming nuptial, remember that although many people believe law enforcement carries a much higher divorce rate than other professions, the truth is the opposite. However, Orange County law enforcement officers do occasionally face divorces, and while they typically play out as any other divorce would, there are some unique factors. We’ve compiled some of this information for your consideration.

Separating Fact from Fiction

Police officers and other law enforcement officials typically face much more stress than the average person. Though there are many stressful jobs, few are as mentally and physically taxing, and even fewer involve dangerous, life-altering situations. Most people do not have to worry about being injured or killed on a daily basis when they go to work. Law enforcement officers also have the unfortunate task of investigating disturbing and sometimes traumatizing crime scenes that can deeply affect their mental health.

Law enforcement careers also often entail odd hours, long shifts, and frequently changing schedules. These inconsistent times can make home life difficult, both for the officer and his or her spouse. Knowing your spouse is in a dangerous field, coupled with inconsistent schedules, might be more than some can bear.

Despite these factors, law enforcement officers actually have a lower divorce rate than the national average. Strong partnerships must survive many challenges, but there are some cases where it is in the best interests of both spouses to dissolve the union through either a divorce, legal separation, or annulment.

Unique Considerations

One consideration that separates the divorces of law enforcement officers from other similar proceedings is their pensions. Most states consider a pension earned during a marriage to be the joint property of both spouses, and the courts generally divide between the two, along with the couple’s other financial assets. The state divorce court will make the final judgment concerning how a pension is split.

Dividing property and other assets is typically time-consuming, especially if there is any contention between the divorcing parties. In these situations, having reliable and experienced legal representation will make an enormous difference in your divorce proceedings. If you’re an Orange County law enforcement officer with an impending divorce, reach out to Orange County’s top law firm and connect with an attorney who has your best interests in mind.

OC Law Enforcement Divorce Attorney Legal Help

Our Orange County divorce lawyers have handled countless cases in a variety of scenarios and is a full-service legal establishment. Divorces are anything but simple, and the process can be daunting without legal aid. We don’t specialize in one narrow field, so our team will be able to assist you with filing the proper forms, pension disputes, custody arrangements, and any other issues you might encounter during your divorce process.

Reach out to Boyd Law’s Orange County office in Irvine today at (949) 753-1028 if you have any questions about divorcing as a law enforcement officer. We respect law enforcement; our goal is provide the best counsel for their divorces, and we offer discounted rates for law enforcement. Keep us in mind when you’re looking for reliable legal counsel. You can also visit us online for more information. Our team of compassionate and skilled OC law enforcement divorce lawyers care about this difficult time in your life.