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Orange County Child Support Attorney

An important part of any child custody arrangement or divorce involving children involves the calculation of child support.  Child support is based on a number of factors and can be modified as circumstances change for either parent.  If you are going through a child custody arrangement or modification, do not hesitate to contact an experienced child support lawyer in Orange County.

Child Support in California

While child support obligations typically emerge as the result of a divorce, child support can also be implemented against parents who have never been married.  California law provides that a parent of a child has a legal obligation to ensure that their child is well taken care of, referring in both terms of child custody and child support.  Child support often goes hand in hand with child custody arrangements.  The parent who is designated as the custodial parent (meaning the child primarily lives with this parent) will often receive child support from the non-custodial parent.  Child support is an ongoing obligation for the non-custodial parent, regardless as to whether the parents were ever married.

Calculation of Child Support Obligations

Child support calculations take into account many different factors affecting both parents and children.  Parents will often collectively come to their own arrangements regarding child support obligations, but California law provides precise guidelines based on income and the child’s needs.  If the parents cannot agree on child support payments, a court will dictate this amount.

Child support is largely based on the income of the paying parent.  A formula will determine a percentage of the non-custodial parent’s monthly income.  This amount can be raised or lowered depending on outside circumstances and on the monthly expenses of a child.  A court will not consider extraneous expenses such as designer shopping sprees when determining the amount of child support, but will consider the lifestyle the child is accustomed to.  A court will also consider ongoing tuition costs, healthcare, and any extracurricular activities which require monthly dues.

Child support payments may be modified over the years as circumstances change.  For example, if the parents mutually agree that their children should attend private school over public school, a court may modify the child support agreement to increase the monthly child support payments for the cost of tuition.  On the other hand, if the non-custodial parent loses their job, a court may modify the child support payment, either temporarily or permanently, depending on the circumstances.  Outside factors, such as remarriage by either parent, will not affect ongoing child support obligations, regardless of the salary of the new spouse.

Orange County Child Support Lawyers

If you are in the process of determining a child support amount or obligation, contact the experienced Orange County divorce attorneys of Boyd Law.  Our Orange County child support attorneys have years of experience in handling all varieties of family law cases, including child support cases.  Child support involves an ongoing obligation of payment to another person for an extended period of time, and before you agree to any amount, you should verify that this amount is fair and necessary.  Contact our Orange County office today by either calling our office or stopping by for your initial free consultation.