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Orange County High Net Worth Divorce Lawyers

Divorce is a difficult time of life for any person, regardless of their income. When a divorce reaches the high net worth range, it becomes especially difficult because both spouses have to consider the consequences of divorce and any type of division of property. The division of assets and property is an important factor in any divorce, but can become a source of contention in a high net worth divorce. An experienced Orange County high net worth divorce lawyer can assist you in guiding you through the divorce process.

High Net Worth Divorce

The main factor in any high net worth divorce is the valuation of property and the inevitable division of property, making asset protection strategies that much more important. Some types of property are easily valued, such as real property and other tangible assets.  However, intangible assets such as stocks, bonds, and business interests can be a source of frustration in divorce and can lead to extended divorce proceedings while both spouses determine the best way to value these assets.

Assets which pose problems within high net worth divorces include the following:

  • Closely held company assets
  • Severance packages and employee benefit plans
  • Oil and mineral rights and warranties
  • Patents
  • Trusts
  • Life insurance policies
  • Partnerships

High net worth divorces pose additional issues due to the issue of spousal support in the state of California.  Many spouses in high net worth divorces will often owe the other spouse some form of spousal support or alimony, especially when the marriage lasted longer than ten years. This is especially important in situations where the spouse gave up a lucrative career to become a stay at home mom or housewife, and therefore has no way to earn an income on their own. However, this can become a hotly contested point during any divorce and therefore requires the legal expertise of an Orange County high net worth divorce attorney who has handled similar arguments.

Prenuptial and postmarital agreements are often helpful in high net worth divorce because they are an agreement between the spouses which dictate how a division of assets will be determined upon a divorce. These agreements will often make provisions for the other spouse and provide a court with the background it needs to finalize the divorce proceedings. This allows a divorce to move much quicker than it otherwise would, especially if the valuation of property is included.

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