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Celebrity Divorce Lawyer in Orange County

Divorce is an incredibly private affair that quickly becomes public when it involves one or two celebrities.  Celebrity divorces have become the newest fad in the celebrity world.  While the instance of celebrity divorce angers many people around the country who believe celebrities often do not respect the sanctity of marriage, ordinary people often do not understand the stress that comes with marriage to a celebrity.  Celebrities are people too and request privacy into their personal affairs just like every other person.  If you are involved with a celebrity divorce, contact an Orange County based celebrity divorce attorney right away.

Celebrity Divorces

Celebrity divorces occur at the same statistics as ordinary people and require the same amount of legal services as ordinary spouses seeking divorce.  An experienced Orange County divorce lawyer will be able to handle a celebrity divorce as well as any other type of divorce case.  Divorce in California is not a difficult process, but it can become quite lengthy depending on the size of the marital estate, as well as in situations in which children are involved.  For many celebrity couples, multiple parcels of property are at stake in a divorce, in addition to children from the marriage.

The divorce agreement will outline the different issues in the divorce.  Many divorce settlements can be agreed to during mediation with only the spouses and their attorneys present.  This offers a more private way to settle the estate and resolve any outstanding issues.  However, in cases where the two spouses cannot agree on anything, the court will need to be involved in order to issue a divorce decree which properly divides the marital estate according to California law.

Child custody agreements may take longer to agree upon since any parent, celebrity or not, finds it difficult to lose daily possession of their children.  However, keep in mind that it is easier than ever to maintain contact with your children through Facetime, Skype, and cell phone calls.  While this does not replace seeing your children every day, these evolutions in technology allow you more face time than you would have otherwise received with your children.

Above all, celebrity divorces require the utmost tact and discretion from all parties handling the divorce.  Divorce is a difficult time in any person’s life and should be treated as a private affair regardless of the celebrity status of the spouses in question.

Boyd Law Orange County Celebrity Divorce Lawyers

If you are going through a divorce and require absolute discretion, do not hesitate to contact the Orange County Boyd Law military divorce attorneys.  Our team of attorneys have years of experience in handling divorces and understand that this is a highly emotional time which you do not want the rest of the world to be privy to.  We will finalize your divorce proceedings and work to reach an amicable resolution to all issues without the press knowing the details of the proceedings.  Contact our Orange County office today for your initial free consultation.