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Divorce is already an emotionally charged and complicated event that occurs in a person’s life.  However, divorce is made that much more complicated when it involves a member of the military.  Different rules apply to military members involving child custody arrangements and child and spousal support payments.  Therefore, it is important to consult with a military divorce attorney in Orange County who is familiar with the applicable issues affecting members of the military during divorce.

The Military and Divorce

Being a member of the military is something to be proud of, and often comes with many perks.  However, there are also several drawbacks to a military career, including regulations which may complicate divorce proceedings. Contact a divorce lawyer in Orange County for more information about divorce proceedings that involve a member of the military.

Unfortunately, the military divorce rate has been steadily increasing over the last decade.  It increase one full percent from 2.6 percent in 2001 to 3.7 percent in 2011, which may seem like small numbers, but represents a sizable number of military families.  Divorce in the military is often a difficult process, especially when it occurs while one spouse is in active combat.  Marriages that are going through difficult periods often hang on for longer than necessary because one spouse who is not enlisted may feel guilty for leaving the enlisted spouse during a particularly difficult time.  Our country has conditioned us to feel respect toward all members of the military, and this often transcends into marriage and potential divorce processes.  Therefore, it may be years before spouses get divorced even if they begin talking about it early on.

Military divorces often follow a different protocol because it is typically understood that these military divorces will take longer than civilian divorces.  The emotional impact of military divorces is often more hard hitting than other divorces, even for the civilian spouse.  The civilian spouse is used to months or years without the enlisted spouse and often grows close to other military spouses on the base.  Once the marriage ends, this tie to other military spouses is often cut off, and this may symbolize a bigger emotional burden than the divorce itself.  An experienced military divorce lawyer in Orange County understands how difficult this process may become for both spouses and is able to provide counseling as well as legal support throughout the divorce process.

Orange County Military Divorce Lawyer

If you are going through the process of a military divorce, do not hesitate to contact our military divorce attorneys in Orange County.  Military divorce is much more complicated than civilian divorce and requires the expertise of attorneys who have dealt with this area of the law before, and understand that these divorces are often more emotionally charged.  Military divorces may occur during times of war or times of peace, but regardless must have the same result. Contact our Orange County office today for your initial free consultation.