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Contracts are one of the oldest legal structures in existence and were drafted centuries before the founding of the United States. Unfortunately, contracts often go hand in hand with breaches of contract, although every contract contains specific provisions to protect against any future breaches. If you have experienced a breach of contract or need to breach a contract (which is sometimes the only option in rare circumstances), you may want to seek the advice of an Orange County breach of contract lawyer.

How to Breach a Contract

Contract breaches occur in all shapes and sizes, and often involve one party refusing to follow through with their end of the “deal.” Contract law involves a number of different parties and circumstances, and therefore a breach can occur in many different ways. For service contracts, a breach may occur if one party does not pay the other for services, or if one party does not perform the services it was paid to perform. In business contracts such as a purchase and sale of a business, a breach may occur if the selling company misled the purchasing company about the state of its financial affairs.

A contract governs the terms of a transaction, so essentially any action which goes outside the bounds of the contract is often a breach of contract and can have dire consequences for either party. Parties spend months and even years negotiating contracts and put in place specific provisions which govern any potential breach. This includes what type of court the party may bring a claim in, as well as who is in charge of court costs.

In limited situations, a breach of contract may be the best option for parties who wish to get out of a particularly difficult contract. In this situation, the party wishing for the breach must carefully weigh the consequences after speaking to an Orange County business law attorney and only then make an informed decision.

Consequences of Breach of Contract

Contracts themselves typically provide for any punishments which occur as the result of contract breach. This is often worded as the ability for one party to bring suit against a breaching party. An ordinary contract will have terms which govern the ability to bring a claim against another party, such as where the lawsuit must be brought and whether it must be brought within a specific time period. Consequences of breach of contract may be quite severe, and the party who experienced the damages may be eligible to request not only straight financial damages, but additional damages based on the extent of future damages.

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