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Contract disputes are not a new issue facing businesses and related companies.  Contracts are put into place to dictate the terms of any agreed upon exchange of services or property, as well as provide for the worst occurrences, including any potential breaches of contracts.  If you are in the process of drafting a business contract or have questions regarding any contracts, do not hesitate to contact an Orange County contract attorney.

Contract Law in California

Contract law has served as the bedrock of civilized society for hundreds of years, and has only evolved to best suit the needs of modern society.  A contract is literally an agreement to exchange two promises.  It may be a promise of service for a set fee, or a promise of a tangible item for a monetary value.  In business transactions, a contract normally dictates the term of such an exchange and provides for a remedy in case of any breach.

Contracts are necessary in any major business transaction and help to prevent both parties from any unintended consequences that may arise during the course of the contract.  Prior to the evolution of written contracts, oral contracts used to serve in their place and presented a new host of issues to business owners centuries ago as people fought in vain to prove that “one party promised this” and the “other party promised that.”  Written contracts help eliminate any confusion as to who agreed to what.

Every type of monetary exchange now depends on contract law, whether we know it or not.  While the vast majority of disputes involving contract law occur between two business entities, they can also occur between two individuals entering into a simple handwritten contract.  A complex business transaction involving the purchase and sale of a business must provide for remedies to breach in a number of situation, each which is uniquely tailored for the particular transaction at issue.  A contract between an employee and an employer will undoubtedly be vastly different than a contract regarding the asset purchase of one business by another business.  However, the same basic contract structure will be the same for either transaction and will involve a promise, consideration for the promise, and acceptance.

Contract law is no different in California than it has been throughout the country for decades.  Contracts essentially rely on the good faith and fair dealing of both parties, and the understanding that one party will not attempt to engage in fraudulent activity through the course of the contract.  Any breach of this general understanding of good faith will be met with severe consequences as provided for within the contract.

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If you have found yourself in a contract dispute, there is no doubt that you are concerned about the future of your business and business practices.  The experienced attorneys of Boyd Law in Orange County can assist you in resolving a contract dispute or even drafting a contract which will be uniquely tailored to your business needs.  Contact our Orange County office today for your initial free consultation.