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Businesses and companies must be consistently mindful of their actions regarding their business practices to ensure they are not stepping over the boundary into unacceptable business behavior.  California laws explicitly prohibit any type of unfair business practices and other fraudulent business actions by service providers or competitors which result in lost profits and other financial damages.  If you have been the victim of unfair business practices, do not hesitate to contact an experienced Orange County unfair business practices attorney as soon as possible.

Unfair Business Practices in California

California law prohibits any type of unfair business practices in the state, including unlawful, unfair, and fraudulent business actions.  Courts narrowly construe “unfair business practices” in the interest of justice, although most courts have found unfair business practices to include the following:

  • Price discrimination
  • Fixing market prices
  • Deceptive or misleading advertising
  • False promises
  • Internet fraud
  • Phone solicitation

California law has specific provisions which prohibit unfair business practices and provide an outlet to seek repercussions for any damages done through these practices.  The law was expanded in the late 1970s to protect customers from fraudulent and unfair business practices stemming from misleading advertisements.  The new law additionally provides that a lawyer can sue a business, even without a client, and may allege unfair business practices even if the business was previously investigated by a district attorney or regulatory agency.

A victim of unfair business practices may seek several types of damages including:

  • Cost of items
  • Punitive damages (punishment against the guilty party)
  • Attorney’s fees

These damages not only cover the cost of the deception itself, but additionally any damages which stem from the deceptive practices.  Unfair business practices affect consumers of every level, from the end user of a product, to the company contracting with a manufacturer.  Regardless of your place in the supply chain, you are entitled to be treated fairly.  Any deceptive actions should therefore be compensated and treated as a breach of contract.  Unfair business practices not only affect the parties at issue, but have the potential to impact the economy and the brand name which is involved.  It is important to consult a business law attorney in Orange County shortly after the unfair business practices occur to prevent future actions from occurring.

Boyd Law | Orange County, California Business Law Attorneys

If you have been the victim of unfair business practices, contact the experienced attorneys of the Boyd Law Orange County office.  Our attorneys have years of experience in handling business transactions, including any issues which arise from unfair business practices.  As a consumer, you should not be obligated or forced to cope with the repercussions stemming from unfair and fraudulent business practices.  Contact our Orange County office today for your initial free consultation with our attorneys who will work tirelessly to ensure that and fraudulent actions are adequately punished.