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Trade Secrets Attorney in Orange County

Preserving trade secrets is an important factor to be included in any business contract.  Trade secrets are often the pivotal force of any contract and any business.  If an employee or other company under contract with another business breaches a contract to preserve trade secrets, serious consequences occur under the contract and under business law.  If you or your company has experienced a breach of contract based on trade secrets, do not hesitate to contact an experienced Orange County based trade secrets attorney.

Trade Secrets and Business Transactions

Trade secrets are an important part of business competition and operating a successful business.  Even smaller companies in unassuming industries have measures in place to protect industry trade secrets.  Non-compete agreements and similar contracts are important ways to protect trade secrets in any business and lead to stiff penalties and fines if these are broken in the years to follow an employee termination.

Technology companies are a huge deal throughout the state of California, and protecting new innovations and software is vital to the survival of any new start-up company.  An trade secrets lawyer in Orange County can help you draft the appropriate contracts and contract provisions which will protect your company.  The loss of key employees or employee disloyalty does not always have to lead to a breach of trade secrets, but can instead lead to severe penalties onto the former employee which should adequately prevent them from divulging further trade secrets or continuing to work within the industry.

Protecting Trade Secrets

The best ways to protect against the theft of trade secrets is by drafting non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and non-solicitation agreements which prevent employees from divulging any information to new employers.  A non-compete restricts employees from using any information or trade secrets in a competing business, which they acquired through their position at your business.  A non-disclosure agreement requires confidentiality of any learned information.  A non-solicitation agreement protects your investment in your employees and prohibits former employees from hiring your own employees for a competing business.

It is important to understand the intricacies of trade secrets and what you can do to protect your business from the loss of any vital trade secrets.  You will need to divulge trade secrets to employees in many circumstances, but with adequate measures in place to contractually prohibit them from sharing these secrets, you should be able to rest easier.

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If you are in danger of trade secrets being revealed, contact the experienced Orange County attorneys of Boyd Law.  Our attorneys have years of experience in handling breach of contract disputes, including the release of trade secrets.  We understand that the loss of any trades secrets can lead to irreparable losses to your business.  Our attorneys can advise you on how to best handle and protect the release of any confidential trade information.  Contact our Orange County office today for your initial free consultat