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Business Litigation Attorneys in Orange County

Business agreements, mergers, and acquisitions are all part of expanding a company’s growth and ensuring that your business will prosper.  However, issues may arise when finalizing contracts and other documents.  Contracts are vital to any major business transaction because they serve to protect either side in case disputes occur.  If a dispute does occur which leads to business litigation, do not hesitate to contact an experienced Orange County business litigation attorney.

Business Transactions

Business transactions in California often require the use of contracts, which serve as a blueprint for the transaction.  Business transactions involve a wide range of issues such as:

Each of these agreements require a skilled attorney to draft and revise as needed.  Contracts are essential to any major business transaction and serve as a blueprint for the business transaction.  Contracts provide specific terms which are put into place to protect both companies from potential damage and provide hefty consequences for the party who breaches the contract.  However, these types of large business transactions leave both business entities open for potential disagreements.  If these disagreements remain unresolved after months or even years, it may be time to seek advice regarding business litigation as a solution.

Business Disputes and Litigation

Business disputes often emerge as a result of complicated business transactions and misunderstandings in contracts.  These disputes can take many forms and can often lead to high amounts of damages and business losses if contracts are breached.

Upon a breach of contract or other major business dispute, the party experiencing the loss may bring action in a court to force the breaching party to either perform their duty or pay damages.  Most contracts have provisions which state whether mediation or arbitration will be the chosen type of court proceeding and which party will pay court costs.  Mediation is often a simple way to resolve disputes and is cost effective.  Arbitration is more similar to the court process and involves an arbitrator who makes the final decision.  An experienced business law attorney in Orange County will be able to guide you in the proper direction as to which is the better forum for your case and whether the business dispute is severe enough to bring to court.

Boyd Law | Orange County, California Business Law Attorneys

If you are facing impending business disputes and litigation, contact the attorneys of Boyd Law.  Our attorneys assist clients facing many different types of business disputes and transactions and have years of experience in handling all types of business transactions.  Business litigation and business disputes have the potential to drastically impact your business and the future of your company.  Do not let one simple dispute lead to years of damages.  Contact our Orange County office today for your initial free consultation.