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Partnership Dispute Lawyers in Orange County

Partnerships are a more manageable business entity than corporations and limited liability companies because they do not require as many formal formation documents and are conditioned many times on a “gentlemen’s agreement.”  However, this can lead to difficult problems down the road if there are no firm measures in place to resolve disputes.  If you are going through a partnership dispute, contact an experienced business law attorney to determine the best course of action.  Contact an experienced and successful Orange County based partnership disputes lawyer for a free legal consultation.

Partnerships in California

Partnerships are similar to marriages in that they often involve two individuals who have together created an entity to further their mutual interests.  Many partners going through disputes do not wish to dissolve the partnership, but instead look to ways to amicably resolve their problems so they can continue to move forward.  Involving an attorney helps mediate the situation so that business can continue while the dispute is resolved.

Closely held companies like partnerships are often formed with close friends or family, which makes any disputes that much more delicate to handle.  You do not want to litigate a partnership dispute and or business litigation with a family member that has the potential to impact both your financial life and family life.  Additionally, you do not want to continue in a fruitless venture if a dispute is ongoing.  An experienced Orange County business attorney can help you sift through any difficulties you are having with other partners in the partnership while still preserving the entirety of the partnership.

Partnerships are known as “pass through entities” and provide a level of tax comfort to individuals, although hold general partners liable for any actions of the partnership.  Limited partners will not be held liable for these actions unless they actively participate in the daily activities of the partnership.  Therefore, if you are a general partner and are having a dispute with another partner about the direction the partnership should go in, it is more than just a business dispute, but is often a dispute about your own liability and livelihood.  It is important not to just let a partnership dispute resolve itself, but instead confront the issue and get an attorney involved.  Attorneys will help you preserve the partnership and the future of your business.

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If you have experienced a partnership dispute, do not hesitate to contact the attorneys of Boyd Law in Orange County.  Our attorneys have years of experience in handling all types of business disputes and recognize the need for businesses to continue on track throughout any ongoing business interests.  A partnership is more than just a job to its owners, but is their livelihood and their financial security.  Our attorneys will work with you and all other partners to quickly resolve the dispute as efficiently as possible.  Contact our Orange County office today for your initial free consultation.